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More about Firefox for Android and Opera Mini

Opera Mini is highly rated and is especially suited to inexpensive and low-end mobile models. However, it can still handle HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Note this is NOT Opera Mobile. Referenced from A List Apart. Opera Mini is also available for the Apple iPhone.

Firefox for Android has also received positive reviews. Firefox Android will look familar if you have used the desktop Firefox version. A number of versions have been kicked-out by the Mozilla crowd and Firefox for Android is now on version 10. As a result of much work, Firefox is now a fast app to load. Elements of this review were observed at

Other alternative Smartphone browsers

BoatBoat | Available for Android

DolphinDolphin HD | Link to Android Apps Store Available for Android and Apple iPhone and iPad

NetfrontNetFront Life | Link to Android Apps Store | Available for Android

MaxthonMaxthon Mobile | Link to Android Apps Store | Available for Android

SkyfireSkyfire | Link to Android Apps Store | Available for Android, Apple iPhone and iPad

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